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I design and develop websites. My experience spans almost two decades, beginning when the internet was very young and I was shown Mosaic, the first browser capable of displaying images. By the time Netscape rolled out, I had taught myself HTML and built my first website.

I did my time in the trenches, but remained enthusiastic about what websites could do. With the advances that have been made in the past couple of decades, there’s never been a better time to create engaging, dynamic websites.

Whether you are working on your first website or considering a redesign of an existing website, consider getting in touch. Your initial consultation is free ā€” Iā€™m happy to discuss your ideas or answer your questions.

My goal has always been to work together with my clients to bring their vision to the web.

Let’s build something!

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Convey both competence and a sense of humor through colors and images. Keep copy succinct yet enough to engage visitors to follow through with a call or email.


Customized WordPress theme. Slider to present key points. Smooth, parallax scrolling. Constant Contact integration.
David is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Designer/developer extraordinaire, he has created websites for Technical Arts Group and our clients. His design sense and ability to wordsmith copy make my life easier. He is our go-to-guy for all things Web related.
Martha Hughes

Director, Technical Arts Group

I first started working with David in 2004, and ever since he’s been consistently professional, communicative, and fair. His skill for creating elegant and intuitive designs is remarkable. David keeps on top of (or ahead of) the technology trends without sacrificing an iota of artistic integrity. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Canton Becker

Web Consultant

Availability, an eye for detail, a fine touch, courtesy, and professionalism were exactly what I needed, and these are exactly what David delivered, and then some.
Dahr Jamail

Investigative Reporter and Author

Since 1999, David Hirschi has been our webmaster. He has provided excellent, accurate, and on-time service, as well as creative input and advice on the latest web technologies. He listens well and is sensitive to our needs as a non-profit organization, working within our budget. He is a pleasure to work with.
Susan Mokelke

Executive Director and President, Foundation for Shamanic Studies