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A Good Design

is not about looking good

A Good Tool

shows you how to use it

A Good System

is invisible

Design Philosophy

If a tool shows you how to use it, it is well-designed. If a system feels so natural it becomes practically invisible to the person using it, it is well-designed. And that’s why a design is not about looking good (or maybe I should say merely about looking good). A good design needs to serve the development of a good tool and a good system. Then, the design will look right — not necessarily “pretty,” or “colorful”, or “eye-popping” — simply right.

So what has this to do with websites? A lot.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “look and feel” tossed about. In web design this means that a website isn’t only about appearances, it is about how using it feels. (A specialty in web design even goes by one of the most egregious terms in the jargon this field has generated, “experience design.”) Web design encompasses how a website is organized, how it functions, whether it works seamlessly across desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

I collaborate with each client to determine what they wish to accomplish and how to best achieve their goals. I also work closely with you to understand the visual impression you wish to make.

Areas of Specialty

The creative community. As an artist, I have a natural affinity for those in creative fields. I have created websites for visual artists, writers, photographers and artisans. I also work with galleries and arts organizations which support the work of artists.

Nonprofit organizations. We’ve all seen websites that undermine the mission of a good cause, simply by not looking polished or professional, or which do not clearly state the nonprofit’s goals or make it simple for visitors to support them. I can advise you on how to create a visually engaging website and meet your goals by providing clear paths of action to transform visitors into supporters. and keep those supporters engaged over the longer term.

Small businesses. It is now critical to have a website in order to get traction in the business world. As a small-business owner myself, I understand the need to wear many hats and the constraints this can place on our time. My experience and expertise can ease the pressures of establishing an online presence, one that presents your business to best advantage.

I enjoy working with creative minds!